Sunday, March 15, 2015

How lucky am I!!

Not only are we moving in a very short time to a new house where I get a room for craft, but we only have days left before all that happens and I have had an afternoon where I have been able to take time out and sew. Moving is not easy - in fact I HATE it. Well actually I hate the work but I love moving and doing different things. So everything is packed in boxes and my sewing desk is ready to be moved so the machine is on the kitchen table.

Aaron has taken the boys out for some shopping (boxes, boxes and more boxes) and then decided to have a swimming afternoon with them. How blessed am I. Yes I have been painting all the little marks on the walls where pictures have come down. And packing up some garage and shed stuff, but until they come home with those boxes I can sew. I just feel really lucky and blessed.
Anyway, while I have been having this quiet time I have come to a decision!! No I have not told my husband, but he reads my blog so he will find out. We are packed to move but I have decided it can stay packed as we are going to move to England. Uh Huh, yes we are! My perfect job came up today - In "The Lady" magazine in England. I have had many a job in my time through that magazine and have worked for some Lords and Ladies, all in preparation it seems for this perfect job, I am going to be the housekeeper for Kate, Will and baby George. Wont they be lucky to have me!!!!!

So on Tuesday if you see me at the distribution centre I currently work at, it will be a figment of your imagination. Once the family get my C.V I know they will bend over backwards to have me. So soon it will be the Royal wave from me..............until then.


  1. Sounds like big exciting times ahead for wishes!

  2. Haha Karen, I cant figure out if your serious or joking! If it's real then I cannot wait to hear more about it! Either way I wish you all the best in the meantime whatever you're doing and where-ever you're moving! :)

    1. It is so absolutely a joke!!!!! I could do the job for Kate and Will and George as I used to work doing that for aristocracy in England years ago. But don't think my husband and kids would take to kindly to being uprooted for that!!


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