Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awesome finds from the Op Shop

A Breville food processor with all the bits
 I went into two Op Shops just before Xmas. At the "Save the Children" in Kaiapoi I found these quilt blocks and negotiated it down to $5. They will sew together quickly to be a quilt for the orphanage in Kenya that is the charity I support. As timing would have it, in the shop was Sarah, who is the Mother of Ian who set up and runs this Orphanage. So we had a good discussion about how many quilts we had etc. and how to get them off to Kenya.

Then I popped into the Salvation Army Op Shop in Rangiora looking for second hand school uniform for Jakob for his new school. No uniform but for $20 I got a full working Breville food processor and all the bits. Am thrilled!!
Quilt blocks
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  1. Wow great score with the food processor!! and I look forward to seeing what you get up to with the quilt blocks :)

  2. Brilliant finds, esp. The food processor/blender gadget. The rangiora salvation army rocks! Good luck with your quilting endeavours-i shall keep my eyes peeled for more blocks for you x
    Ps great to have you linkied up!

  3. Great finds! Have fun with the quilt blocks, too. ~ Linne


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