Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to make a storage box that rolls away

From this...
Grotty this....
 I am so stoked with this bit of upcycling. It turned out better than I had hoped or dreamed. I took one old drawer from a divan bed. It had been sitting outside with blocks in it for about a year - I sold the blocks and was going to burn the draw. Then I got an idea!!!
The whole project took me 1 hour and 20 minutes (only because putting the casters on took a while).
I am now power tool mad. The more power tools the better!!! I used a saw that had a blade poking out of it (see I don't even know the technical terms) and trimmed the sticking out ends of the drawer. I then had to trim approx 15mm off the front of the draw and 10mm of the sides so that once the casters were on it would still fit under the bed. Re-glued the end bit of wood in as while cutting it showed it was loose. Then I sanded it down with the father-in-law's sander. Fantastic quick job. Rounded all the corners and ensured all the varnish was removed. Put the casters on the bottom (yes I followed instructions from my father many years ago and used a tiny drill bit to do a whole before putting the screws in. I remember him saying that helps to prevent the wood from splitting when putting in screws.) I was very nervous about the wood splitting at the back of the drawer as it was thinner than the front.
Using this.....
Took it inside and oiled it. Presto - fits under the bed, rolls smoothly in and out. I am very very proud of this. Still contemplating putting a handle on but I like the look of it without a handle (will see how that works practically).
To glorious this!!
Handywoman ME!!!!!


  1. I love this - seeing a lot of this type of project around the blogmosphere - have to try this ( one day - when I'm not drowning in paint lol )
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

  2. Well done! Thanks so much for sharing this with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  3. This is very nice! What a great idea. You are welcome to post some of these older projects to Repurposed Ideas Weekly. thanks again for stopping by and participating.


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