Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apricots Apricots

On our trip home from Pelorus Bridge we found an orchard doing P.Y.O Apricots for $2 kg. So we picked!! 10 jars of jam later and 10 jars of preserved apricots. YUM.
My sister over here also made apricot jam yesterday. She gazumped me!!!! I made mine in the afternoon and she did hers in the evening but she blogged it first.
Anna has put her recipe on her blog. Mine is the same quantity wise but method is a tiny bit different at the beginning. I heat the water and sugar on low until the sugar is fully dissolved and then put the apricots in. Halfway through cooking (about 15 min) I also put in the juice of 1 lemon for every kilo of fruit.
So go to her site and use the recipe but remember my hints!!!

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