Monday, October 3, 2011

Up cycle a T-shirt into a party dress

This up-cycling project was slightly more extravagant than usual. I got the T-shirt free from an St Vincent de Paul op shop as it had a stain down the front. Thankfully a little sunlight soap, a wash and line dry later, it was all clean. I purchased quite a lot of good quality washable tulle and could not resist the pink sequin as I could see that it would go so well with the shirt. The underskirt was an off cut or lining that was on the sale / get rid of table at Fabric Vision. The sequin band around the hips was from the Salvation Army Op shop in Northlands for $1.

The result was a niece so happy with her 6th birthday present that she went and got out of her party dress and put my creation on. Thankfully it was hard wearing - I had not anticipated it being dragged in the dust on the first wearing!!!

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