Friday, October 28, 2011

The new FINISHED Quilt

Well, earlier this year I took the process challenge.(thought I have not been able to attach the button to my blog). As part of this I have been teaching a beginners quilting class). I started this quilt as I was looking at various blogs and people talking about "strings" of material. So I made some. Then some more, as they were so quick I got addicted and made more!! (see previous blog).
While I have been teaching beginners quilting I have been finishing this quilt. Pining it together etc. Now they all want to do one like this too. Which would be great fun.
photo 1 - quilting the strings
Anyway. I quilted the strings with a synthetic quilting multicoloured thread using a heart and swirl pattern. (see photo 1). I wanted to do a specific centre in each plain block so cut a shape from freezer paper (see photo 2) and when I stitched around it I added a wee twirl at each centre. Freezer paper was really handy for this as it meant each centre was pretty much the same (which is difficult for me on my domestic machine).

This is the only quilt that I have made that did not have a specific destination in mind. I just loved making it.
photo 2 - freezer paper template
photo 3 - the quilted result after removal of freezer paper


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the colors.

  2. Beautiful! I loved that quilt in the book and yours is such an original use of color. Looks great!


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