Monday, August 22, 2011

The first seeds sprouting for the new season

Well two weeks ago I sowed a pile of seeds. Knowing this to be optimistic but I just couldn't resist. Inspite of three days of snow and some incredibly chilly weather after I have sprouts!!! The little container is a pile of mizuna to cut and use in salads just as new leaves. In the big container is my mix for mescalin salad - some red and green bok choy, coriander, red lettuce. All things quite cold hardy and yummy in another four weeks we will be having summer salad.

I planted some presprouted cauliflower in amongst what is my new strawberry bed. I had a big clean out of the old strawberry bed which has been going strong for 9 years. But have decided to reduce that in size and slowly phase out whilst starting somewhere new. The new season's broad beans are in the back of the bed and I am looking forward to broad bean humus.Yum.

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