Saturday, February 19, 2011

Third family tramp

When: Feb 12 & 13th, 2011
Where: Into the first hut on the St James Walkway - Magdalen Hut.
What: our third tramp as a full family. Jakob 7 (nearly 8 as he tells everyone), Eli 5, Karen 43, Aaron 34
Why: because we can and because it has no big hills, which means my heart will stand up to it.
How: By car to Hanmer Springs on Friday night. Stayed the night at the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp in a lovely cabin with a bunk bed and a queen. Cheap at $58 for the whole family. Then on by car where we parked in the Boyle River Township. A lot of people arrange to park in the Boyle  river outdoor education centre.Then on foot to the hut (about 8km).
Across the Bridge              
About a third of the tramp done
Through the bush
Looking gorgeous

Over streams and gullies
Have some tucker
Over the grassy plain

Arrive at the hut
Cool off (it was a hot day)
Chill out and eat more food

Sleep get up and do it all again - but in reverse
Arriving back at the car. Not as fresh, tired legs but happy.

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