Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recycle me

I knew that I wanted a white peasant shirt but when I went to buy a pattern in the shop it was $16!!!
So I cut an old shirt I had to make a pattern. Then I went to the op shop and bought a size 22 ladies shirt for $2. It had long sleeves and business collar but a nice cotton material and I needed a bit of width to make a peasant shirt.
Here is the result of my $2 shirt. plus I know that I have a pattern that works for making other shirts. I quite like the fact that I have left the buttons and not sewn the front together. Am thinking of leaving the top as it is. I was going to put a big button or something but when I wore it today I decided that I liked it as is.
Doing it this way is no less sewing that starting from scratch with a piece of material but it is satisfying, recycling totally and cheap.

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