Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recession Busters - The big revamp

ell this month we all started with an object from home to redo or from an opshop.
Kylie had a duvet from Save Mart that she turned into a cover for her enormous floor cushions. Very canny it was too as she left the bottom with the domes to take it off and on the cushion for washing and just cut it down the other three sides. She was the first to finish - but yet again my camera went --------- and the finished article shot was corrupted. I think the card is corrupt at that point as it has happened before at the same number of photos.

Paula bought a gorgeous blind from the "free shop" took all the stitching out, washed it and turned it into a gorgeous floor cushion cover with lovely backing. As not having sewn for many many years it was great to see the finished article at the end of the night.

Steff started with a bit of left over curtain material from her bedroom and commenced her first ever Roman Blind - not something that you can finish in a night (unless you are some kind of wonder woman!!!)

Penny started with shirt/dress that she loved. Got rid of the shirt style bottom and made is straight. Made a cummerbund belt out of a different colour for the waist (looked almost japanese like) and was still doing bits as we left. So no finished photos.

I started with a table cloth I got for $3 at the local opshop and turned it into an apron in a style that I had seen last Xmas at a shop in Thames. the pocket had to be sewn on at home the next day - just pined in these photos.
I have missed one person's efforts altogether but she was knitting. We were all impressed and I will keep you in suspense until we get to see the finished article and try it ourselves.

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