Monday, June 7, 2010

Places to stay

yesterday when out on a family Hodgie Podgie day we found the best, cheap, local accomodation for a getaway. A very cool backpackers that has onsite caravans, cabins but the coolest of all is that it is based around an old railway idea. There are four railway caraiges that are set up as either bunkrooms or doubles. They have four beds or a double but the guards area is turned into a mini lounge with the original train seats, fridge, toaster, jug and tv. So very cool. The boys and i are going to stay when Aaron is in USA so will update with photos etc later.
Some of the cabins are old railway items and the kitchen dining area is the station waiting room. There is fresh bread every morning from a breadmaker in the kitchen and in the summer there is veges from the garden or "free fresh eggs available at chickens convenience". We were quoted a price of $60 for the family in a carraige. Very cool!!!!

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