Friday, April 9, 2010

Recession busters

Well we had our next get together. Our sustenance as usual was up to scratch with Gorgeous spiced apple cake and cream a la Steff and Kylies mum supplied a gorgeous chocolate slice (with a copy of the recipe). So along with some wine and cups of tea we chatted and madly tried to produce something from all our scrapbooking supplies.

I just couldn't get into the swing of producing something and so made some tags. My cousin Alison bought a whole box of luggage tags and gave some to me the other week. I covered them in scrap paper, embelished, stamped and produced four tag with "made with love" and "handmade for you" on them. Not very inspirational but it was fantastic to see what others were doing and now I am inspired!! Today my boys spent a lot of time painting canvases. This was as a direct result of last month's recession busters doing painting. They had a great time and when the painting are dry I will take photos.

I am now inspired to get on with scrapbooking. Kylie, her mum and Penny produced gorgeous bookmarks. All very different in style which was fantastic to see. Paula and Steff were busy doing scrapbooking again in two very different ways. So I think I will have to get on with a whole pile of things now!! Next month it is knitting - so I will start Eli or Jakobs jerseys for this year.

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  1. Wow, you are very busy bees. Funny when there is a photo of our Stef there is also a bottle of wine in the background. LOL x


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