Friday, April 23, 2010

Acumulated cooking day.

Well the afternoon was meant to be about gardening today. But it turned into cooking.
I had said to Eli that we needed to do some backing so when he got back from Kindy that was obviously his mission. So cupcakes were made at his request. We put some mixture in the patty tin then a dollop of raspberry and then more mixture.
The oven was on and so I thought I should start processing all the quinces that I have. Quince paste and jelly needs to be made. Promptly these were chopped and put in the oven. But of course they take a lot longer to cook than cupcakes. So again not wanting to waste the oven being on I decided to finally get around to making another lot of muesli as my last lot ran out 2 weeks ago.
So in between changing beds and supervising Eli on the computer - it has been a cooking afternoon.

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