Friday, March 19, 2010

Cooking - Four course meal for 65th birthday

Last Saturday night Aaron and I gave Margo her 65th birthday present. We created a restaurant in their lounge just for her and Warwick. Aaron was the waiter and I was the Chef. We called it Table for Two.
I am a bit annoyed as I forgot to take photos until we got to the main course.
We got Warwick to tell Margo he was taking her out to dinner. I then arranged to do nibbles before their dinner at Stephens house. I did a few lovely things that we always used to do in Italy. We all stood around and had nibbles and then Aaron and I left to go and have "pizza" together without the kids. Stephen kindly looked after the kids. Then Warwick "forgot" his wallet and presto - Margo was delivered to her restaurant.

This is the Menu that they had:
Le Menu

Table a Deux

Chef de la Maison – Karen Schulz

Sommelier & Host – Aaron Schulz

Lemoncello et Melon – Lemoncello spritser accompanied by rock melon

Spaghetti a la Corgette – A sumptuous contrast of smooth and crunch

Mango et lime sorbet – Sharp and sweet to cleanse the palate

Poached chicken – A delicate chicken breast poached and finished with broccoli and beans

Chocolat Roulade – a sumptuous dessert made from the finest 70% cocoa curvature finished
with fresh farm cream and plum conserve

To be served with coffee or tea of your chosing

Even if I say so myself the sorbet and the entre were fabulous. Though no photos.
Here are some photos.
The main course, the dessert and the birthday girl with the chef and waiter!!!


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