Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quilt - 13 years in the making

Jakob had his 15th birthday and I finished the binding on this quilt at 10pm the night before. I can trace through my blog 10years of this in the making but it goes back further. When Jakob was two he wanted a star quilt. The nine stars in the centre were made but they didn't fit into the rest of the quilt. It has gone slowly from there as I have been constantly stuck with what to do and how to progress. Running out of matching material for borders etc etc. 

I have been watching a lot of Angela over at "The Midnight Quilter" on Youtube. She also has done a series called the daytime quilter where she takes you through learning to quilt - not the patchwork but the sandwiching. So I have practiced on this quilt. Tried a few different motif's and some have worked well but others I need to improve on! 

In the meantime Morris continues to photo bomb everything when I sew and he is currently trying to sit under the desk which means he lands on the sewing machine pedal quite often. That created some interesting scenarios.

As you can see Aaron came home. It was weird having him home only to leave again.

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  1. Fabulous finish! When making a quilt for someone's birthday never say what year.......then it doesn't matter if it's a year or two........or more 'late'.

  2. The quilt looks like you planned it to be exactly what it is... simply stunning!!

  3. Looks awesome - just perfect for a 15 year-old.


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