Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trying new thing

While Aaron is walking the Te Araroa Trail the boys and I are cooking our evening meal together each night. We're also trying different recipes. We all love some of the recipes that Chelsea Winter has in her cookbooks. On her website there are some free recipes and we tried the Coconut poached Thai chicken salad.

The scent from the chicken poaching was amazing! Chelsea says to throw away the poaching liquid but it would make an amazing base for a noodle soup or coconut cream curry. Wow I was so impressed.

We all loved this meal. It made enough for us to have leftovers for my lunch at work... even better.

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  1. Good for you and your boys! I like to try new recipes from time to time, when the kids were still at home we called them 'guinea pig night'........if we liked the recipe we kept it if we did it was never made again! The Te Araroa Trail is on my bucket list!


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