Friday, June 10, 2016

My latest upcycle

I am thrilled with this upcycle but when I went to show it to many ways can a husband be polite when he just isn't riveted? How can you not be excited by an amazing travelling ironing board?
revamp an ironing board

I found the small board at our local dump shop and paid a huge sum of $2. I need a board for my yearly quilt retreat. I added two layers of wool batting as it was sitting on metal mesh. Then I raided my canvas fabrics. Drafted a pattern sewed and Ta Da! I love it. The fantastic thing about it is that the legs fold away and it has a hanger. So when not in use you just hang it in the cupboard.

Looking forward to being fully equipped on my next travels.

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  1. Your ironing board looks great, I have a similar one from Ikea. Being able to hang it out of the way is so useful.

  2. A great find and a fantastic re-do!

  3. These little boards are so handy when travelling you did a nice job recycling

  4. The hanger is genius! Wish I could find one of those.


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