Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making a recycled Eco friendly laundry bucket

Today being such ghastly weather I am tackling a pile of things that should have been done months ago.
The first on the list was getting a bucket to use for soaking clothes etc in the laundry.
This bucket is very sturdy with a metal handle which has a wooden holding piece where you pick it up. So comfortable and easy to use. It is an old 10 litre paint pail.It was covered in a cream coloured paint inside and out from the messy painters.

first...clean it up
first - put it outside in the rain. This made the outside labeling easy to come off and starting working on releasing the paint from the plastic of the bucket.
second...add water
second - put it in the laundry tub and use the grey water coming off the wash cycle of the washing machine. This lifts the paint and the last bits do with a brush. Don't forget to clear out the drain as you do this.
Third - fill the bucket with the clean water coming from the rinse cycle. Put in your soaking aid. Put  in the clothes and you have a fantastically strong laundry bucket.
third - use it.

Why is it Eco?

  • No extra water was used cleaning this up to use for a new purpose.
  • It has not had to go into the landfill
  • I have not bought a cheap bucket from a new shop that will break the handle and perish or snap in the first few months of use.
So good for the environment and very good for my wallet.

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