Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yes we were shaken and stirred

Well it has been a while since I put anything on my blog. Pathetic I know. 10 days ago we were shaken by a 7.1 earthquake that has demolished our town.
We spent days after clearing out the liquifaction muck, getting people out of houses, getting water to people. We got water and power on at about 4pm that evening. Our local people have done an amazing job. After that we were priviledged to have my brother-in-law, his wife and their teeny tiny baby stay with us due to concern about the continuous aftershocks and the effect it was having on their house. Unfortuneately for use they have gone back home. But that is also good as there house is ok to live in. We loved having them here.

The boys are now back at school and that is a relief for all, as it means there is some normalacy again. My parents-in-law house has not fared well. They are still without sewage and have a port-a-loo in their street for all to use. They do have power - they got that on Saturday - they got water late in the week. But with each aftershock more cracks appear.

I think there are enough images world wide for all to see the destruction. But here are some of the back yard of my parents in law.

But in the midst of it all was the perfect sign of spring, the most amazing bunch or beautiful daffodils.

It seems very strange to be going back to normal knowing that so many people will not be near normal for 12-18 months.

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