Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Orange Peel

Every year I wait for the NZ Orange season. They are amazing, delicious, sharp and tangy. I never buy imported ones. I have made peel a couple of times using a recipe from my sister Ruth. It has often been a bit sticky and need to be stored in the freezer. This year I put a bit more sugar in and have incredible results.
As you eat oranges save the peel (I think I had about 10 oranges) remove all pith and then thinly slice. Into a pot put the peel and enough water to cover. Use equal quantities of sugar to water. Heat on low temp until sugar all dissolved. Then bring to the simmer and simmer for 15 minutes, stir occaisionally. Turn it off and leave in the pot. Next day bring to simmer for 15 mins, turn it off and leave it in the pot. Next day the same, stiring occaisionally. Next day the same but stir frequently and when the sugar starts to cristalise (Sp?) keep stiring. Once looking like being set tip it onto baking paper on the bench. As it cools start separating the strands by banging it with a wooden spoon. You end up with beautiful transuculent peel and sugar that tastes amazing. Store in a jar. It will not be soft or soggy.

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  1. I bet this is a delicious thing! They look beautiful also and it sounds easy enough to do. Thanks!


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