Monday, October 21, 2013

Awesome second hand shops in Mid Canterbury

Well the boys went tramping and although I would love, it is not a goer up a hill. Sigh. So what to do? I do not want to stay at home amongst all the mess that is renovations and earthquake work. A bathroom still on the go 2 weeks later, the saga of the shower, all our clothes and shoes in a pile in my room to get a crack fixed that goes from one side of the house to the other. I am over it.

So off to Ashburton to pick up Marie for a girly day out. In the car we hopped with the dogs and first drove to Methven. Where there is Cafe Primo and Secondo - 38 Mc Millan Street. It is amazing. As the sign says, everything you use at the cafe is for sale. As well as there being lot of other things to look at and rummage through.
Primo and Secondo
This sign greets you at the door.

Now it has been a while since I have been there. It used to be a second hand shop that had a cafe, now it really is a cafe that has a second hand shop. But the food and coffee were great and it was so relaxing and interesting choosing what chair use and fossick afterwards. 
Primo and Secondo
Some of the things to look through, Chess boards at most tables.
Maybe choose a more comfortable chair.
The dogs patiently waited for us and so we rewarded them with a walk through some gardens and around Methven.
Molly and Morris waiting patiently - If you look closely you can see Marie reflected in the window.
Onto  (I think it is called) Overflow in Mayfield.we went  The Lady who owns it only opens it when she feels like it. But it is amazing. Rooms and rooms full of stuff, every drawer is full, outside there is more. A cornucopia of amazingness.

We had enough by then but another place very close is the Staveley store. This has recently been upgraded and there is now a gorgeous room with cosy fire and comfy seats for the winter. Or when we were there two weeks ago we sat outside under the gorgeous blossom tree and then went and walked to Sharplin Falls.

Walk to Sharplin Falls

Overlooking part of the Sharplin Falls.


  1. Look at all those woolen blankets! They looks like fab stops :)

  2. What an interesting shop Karen. I'd love to have a fossick around something like that. Looks like beautiful weather there at the moment too.

    Anne xx

  3. What a wonderful place to go day tripping. We spent a couple of hours at the Mayfield Overflow store during our trip to NZ a month or so ago. I LOVE that place. A hoarders paradise!

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  5. "Tip the staff"....since when do we have tipping in NZ?! No thanks café in Methven!!


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